Earlier this year I was on assignment with the Greenpeace to document specific oil rigs in the Barents sea and The Bear island - Bjørnøya. In the meanwhile another story was offering to me every single day...we were not alone at the sea, but accompanied by peculiar flyers.
The Bear island aka Bjørnøya is a remote island far above the Arctic circle. It's part of Svalbard archipelago. Tiny but truly remarkable place on earth. On the Southern part of the island, the majestic cliffs are the haven for the seasonal migration of birds, especially Northern Fulmar. The island is where they nest and breed. Every spring thousands of Fulmars, generation after generation are returning back to the source, their origin, where they were born, to the cliffs, to nest again. They could be spotted already hundreds of kilometers from Bjørnøya. As monogamous birds they are forming long term pair bonds and return to the same nest sites year after year. Truly remarkable.
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