Mostly rough, dry and on first appearance unfriendly terrain, but whatever you touch, see and feel is absolutely beautiful.
Most of shots are taken with Canon TS-E 24mm II lens and 1.4x or 2x extender. Long exposures made with high density ND filters like Formatt's Firecrest (16stops) or Lee Big Stopper (10stops), Lee polarizer and grad ND.
Most of long exposure shots were made in broad daylight with heavy sun and besides that I was shifting lens to get panoramic exposures..Because of pretty delicate setup and despite heavy duty camera protection agains the sun, light still sometimes broke in onto sensor and damaged many shots that are for no use at all..But these and few more survived!
meditation #1
meditation #2
los lagos
cofete beach
los Molinos
villa Winter
sinking cemetery
ridges of Jandia 
morro del cura
veins of Antigua
veins of Betancuria
meditation #3
last sunrise
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